Digitization is the process of changing the format of text, audio and video data into computer friendly format. This enables data to be processed and analyzed by computer systems. Aimed primarily at chartered accounts and company secretaries our data digitization services include automation of document digitization process to provide a one spot solution for all your digital needs.

The document digitization process involves going through a huge chunk of data which needs to collect, organized and then converted. To make this entire process easy we provide data digitization services to ease recording and analysis of data for faster processing and management. This will help chartered accountants & company secretaries to easily manage their client’s data and save loads of time spent on manually going through piles of documents every time a need arises.

This will save the total man hours spent in managing the data on a regular basis. The benefits of this process include safe and secure data management, easy organization of documents, error free management, timely response to clients and ultimately a better overall customer experience.

Document Digitizing Process

Identifying the need

The customer's need is identified and captured in this stage to understand their exact requirement.

Collecting and aligning documents

The documents are collected from the customer and aligned properly in this stage. Special care is taken to remove all foreign objects like pins, paper clips, thread, spiral bind and others.

Scanning the documents

The aligned documents are then scanned properly and saved as an image file.

Transferring to a digital format

The scanned documents/images are converted into text files by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The output is then manually checked by proofreaders before converting it into the desired digital format.

Indexing the documents

The documents are saved with detailed file names so that they can be easily retrieved whenever needed.

Organizing the documents

The documents are organized into separate or combined PDF files as per the customers’ requirements.

Packaging the digitized documents

The digitized documents are checked for quality. The error free digitized data is burnt onto a CD, packaged properly and delivered to the customer.